Record of 2016 Federal Election Info.

YourVoteCountsHow we Honour God in the way we vote?

July 2 was a Day of Destiny for our nation. This will be one of the most important elections since Federation.

The following advice does not represent any political party but is offered freely to assist voters choose Parties and Candidates who will stand-up for Freedom, Faith and Family in our Federal Parliament.

The following research and insights comes from the combined resources of over twenty Christian organisations:

What are the Major Issues?
Briefing - Full Version:

What are the Major Issues?
Briefing - Short Version:

Flyer - Quick Overview:

These materials are freely available for use by individuals, churches and fellowship groups.

If you want a Quick Answer on how to vote:

  • FOR freedom of speech
  • FOR freedom of faith
  • FOR a plebiscite to give the people a vote on the definition of marriage
  • AGAINST continued funding of the (un) Safe Schools program...

Then these are the party preferences that will most closely support your values:

First Christian Values Parties (CVP)
Liberal/National Coalition



 Christian Values Parties (CVP)


Australian Christians


Australian Liberty Alliance


Christian Democratic Party


Democratic Labour Party


Family First


Rise Up Australia Party

 Click here for a Downloadable Voting Guide
 Click here for a Party Values Checklist.

Your Vote is Vital

IF you vote Liberal/National or Christian Values Parties you will get:

  • Plebiscite on marriage: a people's vote
  • Un-Safe Schools Coalition:
    - Restrictions on program extremes
    - Removal of funding 
  • No vilification law based on sexual orientation or gender.

IF you vote Labor, the Greens or the Sex Party you will get:

  • Same-sex marriage Bill in Parliament within 100 days
  • Un-Safe Schools Coalition program re-instated
  • Un-Safe Schools Coalition program fully funded
  • Vilification law on sexual orientation and gender identity.

How to Vote

House of Representatives
Green Voting Card (not Greens Party)

  • You must vote for all candidates numbering 1,2,3..... etc
  • You must put a number in every box in your order of preference
  • Do not use a tick or a cross or your vote will be invalid.

Recommended Voting Preference
for Freedom, Faith & Family:

House of Representatives
Vote 1 Christian Values Party
Vote 2 Liberal / National
Vote LAST Labor, Greens and Sex Party

Click here
 to download a Voting Guide.

How to Vote
Large White Voting Sheet

Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
It is required that you:

  • Vote 1 to 6 or more PARTIES above the line, OR
  • Vote 1 to 12 or more CANDIDATES below the line.

The following guide will increase the likelihood of a Christian Value Party being elected to the Senate and obtain federal funding:

Click here  to download Senate Voting Guide



Or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

Please Note: 

The above table is designed to provide advice about party values but can't guarantee any outcomes. The voter must take full responsibility for their personal voting choice and preferences.

If you follow the downloadable voting guide you will contribute to voting in the maximum number of Christian Value Party candidates and you will not exhaust your vote.

Under the new Senate voting system if your first preference doesn't get a quota then a reduced percentage of their votes will cascade to your next preference. This will continue along your party preferences until a party gets a quota and they are elected.

This is why in the Senate you want to vote for:

  • your CVP preferences before LIB/NATs above the line, or
  • your CVP preferences before LIB/NATs below the line.

The Liberal/Nationals are:

  • the only Major Party promising a plebiscite for the people to vote on marriage, and
  • the only Major Party who will replace the unSafe Schools program.

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Aust. Electoral Commission Guidance

  • Click here for list of candidates
  • Click here for guidance on voting in the House of Representatives
  • Click here for guidance on voting in the Senate.